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$30,000-to-win CARS Tour Old North State Nationals Preview, Entry List

CARS Tour and Orange County built it.

Now will they come?

The CARS Late Model Stock Tour will present the Old North State Nationals presented by Visit Orange County this weekend at Orange County Speedway in Rouguemont, North Carolina. It’s the largest-paying Late Model Stock race in history, surpassing the Martinsville 300 with a $30,000 winner’s prize and $1,250 to start.

So far, 39 cars have pre-entered the event, which would make it the highest-attended CARS Tour Late Model Stock race in series history. At the same time, the discipline is not known for pre-entering so this number could shift either direction in the days leading up to the event.

While CARS Tour championship contenders Deac McCaskill, Josh Berry, Bobby McCarty, Brandon Pierce, and Layne Riggs will certainly be in attendance they will be joined by a very impressive series of one-offs, including Timothy Peters, Carson Kvapil, Lee Pulliam and RD Smith.

Regional Late Model Stock regulars like Ronald Hill, Craig Moore, Camden Guillie and Tracy Cambers are also expected to attending, giving the event a Martinsville-like feel since it is drawing from all corners of the Carolinas and Virginias.

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As for the race format, single car time trials on Saturday afternoon will lock in the top-five fastest drivers, with four ‘heat races’ and a ‘last chance race’ that night will determine the 29 car starting lineup.

Tour regular Layne Riggs says this format is going to make the racing ‘crazy.’

“There are going to be so many cars going for the top prize and I feel like most of them will do whatever it takes to get there,” Riggs said. “Qualifying is going to be super important because only the top-five are locked into their time trials position.

“The opportunity to not run a qualifying race will be beneficial for those top guys, because it will not put your car at risk. The qualifying races are going to be very intense and could wreck some race cars. The race is going to be good, hard racing throughout the field because of the strong competition and the Orange County’s track characteristics. There will not be too much tire conservation due to being able to get two tires at some point in the race.

“The good thing is Orange County is one of the best multi groove tracks we race at, resulting in lots of side by side racing. It’s going to be a good one that you’re not going to want to miss.”

Series director Chris Ragle also issued a challenge of sorts to the entire Late Model Stock discipline.

“I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, you cannot be considered one of the best in Late Model Stock Car racing if you aren’t at this event as a competitor,” Ragle said. “No matter what you done in the past, I’m talking right now. That’s why this race was created. To make this 28-car field, and race against the competition that will be on hand will be hard for each and every one there, and because of that the fans come out because they want to see the best on one track, in a full field.

“The fans that come to Orange County races and wild and passionate, so if you never have been to a race there, come check it out this weekend. These drivers will be cheered and booed, depending on who they are when we do driver intros, that’s what it is all about.”

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The known entry list for the Old North State Nationals can be found below.

#08 Deac McCaskill
#07 Bradley McCaskill
#06 Terry Dease
#01 Camden Guillie
#1 Craig Moore
#2 Brandon Pierce
#2S Myatt Snider
#2Y Joshua Yeoman
#4 Jonathan Findley
#4C Mike Chambers
#4H Leland Honeyman
#5 Lee Pulliam
#8 Josh Oakley
#12 Timothy Peters
#12G Ryan Gray
#16 RD Smith
#17 Taylor Gray
#17P Stacy Puryear
#18 Ty Gibbs
#18Y Jason York
#19 Cameron Bowen
#19C Jessica Cann
#22 Bobby McCarty
#23 Terry Brooks
#25 Zack St. Onge
#27 Tommy Lemons
#35 Carson Kvapil
#41 Jeremy Burns
#57 Justin Carroll
#63 Tyler Matthews
#74 Ronald Hill
#77 Trevor Ward
#77C Tracey Chambers
#78 Corey Heim
#81 Mini Tyrrell
#88 Josh Berry
#95 Jacob Heafner
#98 Adam Lemke
#99 Layne Riggs

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