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Balance of Performance: Ricky Brooks orders rule change after PLM engine dispute

Jeff Ames | STS

Following a technical dispute on Friday night during ‘Opening Night’ of the Pro Late Model World Series of Asphalt, Ricky Brooks said he would consider making a change to the engine regulaions for the race-winning car of Jeremy Miller.

On Saturday, Brooks confirmed that there indeed would be a change.

As he did on Friday night, Brooks re-affirmed that Miller’s engine-rev limiter combination was legal per the New Smyrna Speedweeks rule book, a conviction that was challenged by Hailie Deegan after the race on Friday.

Per the rule book:


5. Big 8 Limited Concept Engine Package (all Big 8 rules apply to engine , carb, exhaust and maximum rpm 7000 subject to adjustment)

6. Wagner LS 5.3 (All Big 8 rules apply to engine, carb, exhaust, must have 50 lbs. mounted to engine block and maximum and maximum rpm 7000 subject to adjustment)

But since the engine had never been as competitive as it was with Miller’s team this weekend, Brooks ordered a change for Saturday night.

Brooks told Short Track Scene the following on Friday night:

“The Big 8, they don’t particularly have a rev limiter,” Brooks said. “They do, but it’s really high up there. I have to cut that engine way back from what it does in the Big 8.

“A Ford crate engine is 6300, a Chevy crate is 6400 and the motor in Deegan’s car is 6800 and I start the Big 8 engine at 7000 like I have for five years…”

Since the rule book allows him to adjust the rev limiter as he deems necessary, Miller’s rev limited has been adjusted from 7000 to 6800. posted an explanation from the ‘taskmaster of the Room of Doom.’

“I am rolling his chip back tonight to where it is in the [Deegan] car, for starters,” Brooks told “I’m going to look at it in practice, and if I need to adjust it again, I’ll look at it before the race.”

Deegan’s gripe with post-race inspection and Brooks’ response to it can be found here.

“It’s 6800, compared to seven-grand,” Miller told “I don’t really know why the rule book said seven-grand, but he’s going to go with 6800. I’m fine with that. We’ll see how it runs tonight. I guess if we’re stuck in traffic and we can’t get anywhere, we’ll adjust again.”

Additional follow-up quotes from Hailie Deegan, Brian Deegan and Miller can be found in the report.

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