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Ty Majeski Takes To The Rear Challenge

The #NinetyOne would take a cash bonus to win from the back.



Upon hearing about the ‘ultimately challenge’ proposal from Ty Majeski, SRL National promoter Ricky Brooks has found an addition $10,000 from Central Florida roofing to pay the driver should he win the Rattler 250 from the rear of the field. As it stands, a record race purse is set to pay $25,000 to the winner but Majeski would earn $35,000 if he wins from the back.

Ty Majeski literally flew to the pole for the 47th Rattler 250 on Saturday at South Alabama Speedway in Kinston, Alabama.

After finishing 11th in the Truck Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday, Majeski hurried through the garage to board a private plane for a 25-minute flight to Andalusia, Alabama so he could attempt to qualify into the prestigious southern Super Late Model race.

No matter what, he would start the race as the defending winner, but he wanted another pole, and achieved that goal despite having his fastest lap taken away by virtue of reaching South Alabama Speedway after his drawn time had passed.

Majeski is seeking his fourth straight win in the race and his sixth overall and now he’s going to do it from the inside front row.  As it stands, Majeski is willing to start at the rear anyway, should SRL National promoter Ricky Brooks incentivize it.

The complete starting lineup for the Rattler 250 can be found below. The race can be viewed live for subscribers to Racing America.


1. Ty Majeski – 15.298
2. Justin Mondeik – 15.308
3. Jesse Love – 15.341
4. Gio Ruggiero – 15.350
5. Jeremy Doss 15.363
6. Jake Finch – 15.369
7. Michael Goddard – 15.377
8. John DeAngelis – 15.387
9. Jett Noland – 15.396
10. Austin Nason – 15.408
11. Hunter Robbins – 15.444
12. Blaine Rocha – 15.459
13. Steve Dorer – 15.486
14. Nicholas Naugle – 15.509
15. Bubba Pollard – 15.510
16. Dustin Smith – 15.512
17. Billy VanMeter – 15.519
18. Michael Atwell – 15.525
19. Timothy Watson – 15.531
20. Colin Garrett – 15.532
21. Michael Hinde – 15.536
22. Colin Allman – 15.554
23. Augie Grill – 15.557
24. Dusty Williams – 15.586
25. Hunter Wright – 15.657
26. Chris Davidson – 15.710
27. Johnny Sauter – 15.735
28. Tony Elrod – 15.801
29. Zach Telford – 15.832
30. Nick Neri – 15.914
31. Brayton Laster – 15.960

Matt Weaver is the owner and founder of Short Track Scene. Weaver grew up in the sport, having raced himself before becoming a reporter in college at the University of South Alabama. He also has extensive experience covering NASCAR, IndyCar and Dirt Sprint Cars.

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