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Snowball Derby

Snowball Derby Inspection Day Passes Without Incident, Qualifying Order Set

By all accounts, the unloading and inspection process passed without incident as Snowball Derby festivities began on Wednesday at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida.

The day began with veteran track announcer Dave Pavlock offering his signature hauler arrival introductions over the public address system, and it ended with drivers selecting the qualifying order for Friday night — the most intense time trials show in motorsports.

In between, teams made various trips through the tech line, not eligible to turn even a single lap moving forward until they at least pass a safety inspection.

While there were new elements to the technical inspection process, like the Snowball Derby debut of the next-generation Five Star Bodies shell, chief technical director Ricky Brooks said there was nothing out of the ordinary to come out of the afternoon.

“We had a good number of rechecks coming through today instead of tomorrow,” Brooks told Short Track Scene. “So, we were done with tech earlier today and all that was left was rechecks. We actually shut down tech at 5:30 and we’re usually still checking by 6:00. We got done in good time.”

Even though there’s a new body that numerous teams have taken, Brooks said it wasn’t a talking point in the lines today.

“There are some little things I’ve noticed that are being let go elsewhere, on both body styles, and we don’t usually allow the teams to repair stuff in line but we allowed them to do it this time to cut down on return trips today and that worked out well and saved us some time.”

The Stephen Nasse Snowball Derby Disqualification, One Year Later

Super Late Model and Pro Late Model teams finished the day by drawing for their qualifying spots on Friday night and Saturday morning respectively.

Conventional wisdom says the best times to qualify are really early or really late, with the middle stages of time trials taking place when a filmsy dew settles in and makes the aged Pensacola half-mile slick.

Tennessee veteran Michael House drew the first spot on stage during a presentation hosted by Speed51 president Bob Dillner.

“Maybe that’s telling me something that I’m pretty lucky,” House said. “We’ll see, I think we have a pretty good car and I’m really looking forward to this deal this year.”

NASCAR Truck Series contender and Snowball Derby veteran Grant Enfinger will be the last driver to turn his two timed laps on Friday night.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Enfinger said. “Honestly, it’ll probably be fine. Who knows?”

Defending winner Travis Braden drew 11 and referenced the dew on stage.

“Somebody was telling me with the dampness coming in, there might be a chance of dew later,” Braden said. “Might as well get it over with, right?”

Time trials for the Snowball Derby will take the 30 fastest drivers of the 55 on the property


  1. Michael House
  2. Chandler Smith
  3. Kason Plott
  4. Boris Jurkovic
  5. Perry Patino
  6. Casey Johnson
  7. Augie Grill
  8. Connor Okrzesik
  9. Chris Davidson
  10. Derek Kraus
  11. Travis Braden
  12. Justin Johnson
  13. Dalton Zehr
  14. Kyle Sieg
  15. Casey Roderick
  16. Ty Majeski
  17. Mason Diaz
  18. Noah Gragson
  19. Kodie Conner
  20. Derek Griffith
  21. Bob Lyon
  22. Stephen Nasse
  23. Hunter Robbins
  24. Carson Hocevar
  25. Kyle Plott
  26. Kaden Honeycutt
  27. Chase Elliott
  28. Jesse Dutilly
  29. Kyle McCallum
  30. Colten Nelson
  31. Austin Nason
  32. Gabe Sommers
  33. Kyle Busch
  34. Ross Kenseth
  35. Michael Atwell
  36. Matt Craig
  37. Logan Boyett
  38. Kyle Bryant
  39. Jake Garcia
  40. Paul Shafer, Jr.
  41. Cayden Lapcevich
  42. Ryan Crane
  43. Derek Thorn
  44. Jeremy Doss
  45. Preston Peltier
  46. John DeAngelis
  47. Jeremy Pate
  48. Bubba Pollard
  49. Dan Fredrickson
  50. Daniel Dye
  51. Sammy Smith
  52. Cole Butcher
  53. Corey Heim
  54. Hudson Halder
  55. Grant Enfinger


  1. Kyle Plott
  2. Jake Finch
  3. Jim Wall
  4. Connor Okrzesik
  5. Bobby Reuse
  6. Hudson Halder
  7. A.J. Wernette
  8. Mason Diaz
  9. Grant Thompson
  10. Wes Griffith, Jr.
  11. Charlie Keeven
  12. Steven Chunn
  13. Joey Pontbriand
  14. Justin Bonnett
  15. Mason Keller
  16. Chris Davidson
  17. Josh Hicks
  18. Jacob Beasock
  19. Josh Williams
  20. Dylan Smith
  21. John DeAngelis
  22. Bubba Pollard
  23. Dan Leeck
  24. Justin Marks
  25. Bill Tutchtone
  26. Dakota Stroup
  27. Dustin Smith
  28. Jordan Miller
  29. Jim Weber
  30. Stephen Nasse
  31. Stacey Crain
  32. Jarrett Butcher
  33. Derek Thorn
  34. Johanna Long Robbins
  35. Kyle Ivey
  36. Steve Dorer
  37. Ryan Luza
  38. Matt Craig
  39. Dylan Fetcho
  40. Hunter Jack
  41. Jolynn Wilkinson
  42. Colin Allman
  43. Jake Johnson
  44. Mark Day
  45. Elliott Massey

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