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Martinsville Late Model Stock 300 entry list, engine combinations

These are the teams set to chase the historic Ridgeway Grandfather Clock …

Martinsville Speedway

At least 68 cars will attempt to qualify for the richest and most prestigious Late Model Stock race of the season — the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 at Martinsville Speedway.

In addition to the venerable grandfather clock trophy, the winner will now be paid $32,000 — an increase of $7,000 from previous seasons.

The 2018 race saw 73 cars make a qualifying lap — meaning a decrease of five cars year-over-year.

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Defending winner C.E. Falk is represented in the field as are NASCAR national notables Brennen Poole and Timothy Peters. Many of the marquee names in Late Model Stock racing like Josh Berry, Peyton Sellers, Brandon Pierce, Tommy Lemons, Kres VanDyke and Bobby McCarty.

Super Late Model star Bubba Pollard has joined Berry at JR Motorsports for the event.

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Friday night time trials have replaced group qualifying for this year’s event. The top-20 will be locked into Saturday night’s main event and the rest of the field will be entered into one of two qualifying races in which the top-10 of each will advance.

That will make 40 starters for the Greatest Spectacle in Short Track Racing.

A new event format will see single car time trials replace group qualifying, a mandatory 50 lap to go competition caution and unlimited attempts at a green-white-checkered finish. The race will air live on FansChoice.TV and the Motor Racing Network.

The complete entry list and the driver’s engine of choice has been included below via Race22.

  • 1              Craig Moore       Harrington Enforcer
  • 01           G.R. Waldrop     Harrington Enforcer
  • 01           Jake Crum           Harrington Enforcer
  • 1              Jamie Sweeny   Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 01           Camden Gullie   Harrington Enforcer
  • 1              Daryn Cockram Ford Crate
  • 2              Amber Lynn        Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 2              Matt Waltz          Harrington Enforcer
  • 2              Trevor Noles      Ford Crate
  • 2              Matt Leicht         Harrington Enforcer
  • 2              Brandon Pierce Harrington Enforcer
  • 03           Brenden Queen Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 4              Mack Tatum       Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 4              Jonathan Findley              Ford Crate
  • 5              Dexter Canipe, Jr.             Harrington Enforcer
  • 5              Lee Pulliam         Harrington Enforcer
  • 6              B.J. Mackey        Ford Crate
  • 06           Davin Scites        Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 6              Mike Darne         Ford Crate
  • 7              Trevor Ward       Harrington Enforcer
  • 07           Chase Dixon       Harrington Enforcer
  • 9              Trey Crews         Harrington Enforcer
  • 11           Jeff Oakley          Harrington Enforcer
  • 11           Lucas Williams   Ford Crate
  • 12           Austin Thaxton  Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 12           Annabeth Barnes Crum Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 12           Ryan Wilson       Harrington Enforcer
  • 12           Timothy Peters Harrington Enforcer
  • 12           Sammy Smith     Harrington Enforcer
  • 15           Kres Vandyke    Ford Crate
  • 15           Ryan Millington Harrington Enforcer
  • 16           Chad McCumbee             Ford Crate
  • 17           Taylor Gray         Harrington Enforcer
  • 17           Stacy Puryear    Ford Crate
  • 18           Jason York           Harrington Enforcer
  • 18           Bobby Gillespie Ford Crate
  • 21           Jimmy Wallace  Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 21           Travis Swaim      Harrington Enforcer
  • 22           Grayson Cullather            Harrington Enforcer
  • 22           Eric Winslow      Harrington Enforcer
  • 22           Bobby McCarty Harrington Enforcer
  • 24           Colin Garrett      Harrington Enforcer
  • 25           Derrick Lancaster             Harrington Enforcer
  • 26           Peyton Sellers   Harrington Enforcer
  • 27           Tommy Lemons, Jr.         Ford Crate
  • 28           Jason Barnes      Harrington Enforcer
  • 30           Brennan Poole  Harrington Enforcer
  • 32           Nik Williams        Harrington Enforcer
  • 32           Kevin Leicht        Ford Crate
  • 35           Steve Zacharias Harrington Enforcer
  • 36           Owen Smith       Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 40           C.E. Falk               Ford Crate
  • 41           Jamey Caudill     Ford Crate
  • 57           Justin Carroll      Ford Crate
  • 61           Justin Hicks         Harrington Enforcer
  • 63           Tyler Matthews Harrington Enforcer
  • 73           Bruce Anderson Ford Crate
  • 77           Dylan Ward         Harrington Enforcer
  • 81           Zack Clifton         Ford Crate
  • 87           Mike Looney      Ford Crate
  • 88           Josh Berry           Harrington Enforcer
  • 88           Dustin Rumley   Chevrolet Upgrade
  • 92           Kyle Southern    Harrington Enforcer
  • 95           Jacob Heafner   Ford Crate
  • 98           Bubba Pollard    Harrington Enforcer
  • 99           Layne Riggs         Ford Crate

Matt Weaver is the owner and founder of Short Track Scene. Weaver grew up in the sport, having raced himself before becoming a reporter in college at the University of South Alabama. He is also the associate motorsports editor of Autoweek Magazine and its website, which allows him to cover the highest levels of the sport.



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