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Summer Shootout Series

Jon Sossoman Finishes Third after Round 6 Masters Crash

Just when it seemed like Jon Sossoman was out of the race, he came back to finish third in Round 6 of the Cabarrus Brewing Co. Masters Legend division.

Halfway into the race, Sossoman crashed into Carl Cormier and got out of his car. He then rode back in to the pits with his car on the hook, returning to the track just before the field got the one to go signal.

Restarting in the back, Sossoman wasted no time moving forward in the final 10 laps. He sliced and diced through the field with his No. 14 Legend, making it up to second with just a handful of laps to go. Sossoman hounded Jon Craig, bumping him as he tried to retake the lead. Sossoman seemingly over-drove his car on the final lap and slipped to third when the checkered flag waved.

Sossoman had a moment when he entered turn one on lap 15, his car slid to the center of the track, allowing Cormier to swing by for the lead. Then in turn three, as Sossoman attempted to retake the lead, his car slid once again. This time, Sossoman contacted Cormier sending the two leaders spinning into the barrels that line the outside of the corners.

During the ensuing caution and red flag, Sossoman’s team diagnosed and fixed a problem with his brakes. At the same time, it was discovered that Jan Ingram’s No. 7 Legend had been leaking oil. The lengthy clean-up gave Sossoman’s team ample time to fix the problem.

“I came from eighth, came up through the field, being real gentle, taking my time, things were working my way,” said Sossoman. “I took the lead and I was gone. All of a sudden, I went down into one and went halfway to the barrels. Cormier got by me, I got back to the inside, and when I went to put on the brakes, I went straight. I hope there’s no hard feelings. I wouldn’t do anything intentional like that.”

“I ended up third,” Sossoman continued. “I thought I had a chance at Jon (Craig). I could have punted him, but he would’ve punted me. He’s a good competitor, a good friend, and I’m glad he won.”

Sossoman missed Round 5 for a family vacation, and revealed that he would miss the final two rounds instead of attempting to win the championship in nine rounds,

“I may still be leading, but I don’t want to. I’m going to miss the last two races while I’m on vacation. I want to win at least one more, I’m having fun. I had a good day.”

Prior to the wreck, Sossoman methodically worked his way up from the eighth position. Sossoman earned a position a lap, taking the lead on lap eight.

On his way to the front, Sossoman had to avoid contact between Robby Faggart and Bruce Silver. While battling inside the top five, a correction by Silver for his loose car sent Faggart spinning into turn one. Despite the racing incident, officials black-flagged Silver, ending his night after just five laps.

With the revelation that he will not be competing for the championship, Sossoman will now look to have fun in the two remaining weeks that he will be competing in.

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