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Williams wins Bud Light Open 80 at Stafford

Paul Lambert/STS

The big wins keep on coming for Ronnie Williams, as he took the checkers in the Bud Light Open 80 at Stafford Friday night over Matt Swanson and Keith Rocco.

After a frustrating loss to Keith Rocco in last week’s SK feature, Williams came back with a vengeance tonight.

“Losing sucks. I hate it,” Williams said. “Every time you go to the racetrack, you want to win. These guys give me cars capable to do it.”

Galko led the opening 13 laps before Todd Owen took control on lap 14.

Owen chose to pit on lap 30, along with Chase Dowling, Ronnie Williams, and others. Galko reassumed the lead on the restart.

Much of the field chose to stay out, hoping for another caution to pit and get fresh tires. Their collective wish was granted on lap 40 when David Schneider spun in turn three. Owen cycled back to the front when the rest of the field pitted.

Ronnie Williams moved up to second, and reeled in Owen, passing him with 23 laps to go.

Goodale took the runner-up spot with 20 to go, but continued losing time. Williams appeared to be on cruise control, but a yellow with only five to go bunched the field back up for a restart.

Luckily for Williams, he was able to hold off the field on the final restart.

The full results can be found below:

  1. Ronnie Williams
  2. Matt Swanson
  3. Keith Rocco
  4. Matt Galko
  5. Mike Christopher Jr.
  6. Jeff Gallup
  7. Chase Dowling
  8. Anthony Flannery
  9. Cam McDermott
  10. Anthony Sesely
  11. Andrew Molleur
  12. Todd Owen
  13. Eric Goodale
  14. James Pritchard
  15. Brad Vanhouten
  16. Rob Richardi
  17. Geoff Rollins
  18. Marcello Rufrano
  19. Austin Kochenash
  20. Dylan Kopec
  21. Andy Shaw
  22. Mark Bakaj
  23. Joey Cipriano
  24. David Schneider
  25. Dana DiMatteo
  26. Tommy Barrett Jr.

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1 Comment

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