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NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour

Pit Stop with Eric Gooddale

Eric Goodale is the driver of the no. 58 modified on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. He currently holds the streak for most consecutive starts by an active driver with 73 straight starts.

Short Track Scene: Why did you get started in racing?

Eric Goodale: Just growing up around Riverhead Raceway and going to the track every Saturday night. I could hear them from my house. I pretty much got hooked when I was three years old. I’ve been going to the track ever since then. We sponsored a car that raced their weekly and just going into the pits and being around the cars all the time got me into it from a young age. And when I was 13 I was finally able to talk my parents into getting me a go-kart. And ever since then we just kept moving up.

STS: What race track do you wish was on the schedule that isn’t?

EG: Martinsville and Richmond and a road course. Watkins Glen or Lime Rock.

STS: Why Martinsville and Richmond?

EG: Martinsville because that was my first ever Modified Tour race. We did the Martinsville 300 and it was the most awesome race I’ve ever been in. I really like the track. I would be saying Bristol if we weren’t racing there. I love the race at Bristol. But if I had to pick any of those four it would definitely be Martinsville.

STS: If money was not an issue, what track around the world would you most want to race at?

EG: Bristol.

STS: But you already get to race Bristol.

EG: Yeah, but there’s nothing else like it (laughs). It’s that fun to race at.

STS: Do you have any superstitions or routines that you do each week?

EG: Nope. I just get in and wheel it.

STS: What do you usually eat before a race?

EG: I like to have either chocolate milk or a Coke (as he takes a sip from a can of Coke). Or a Five Hour Energy.

STS: What’s a typical day like for you away from the race track?

EG: Working anywhere from 10-12 hour days at the Hauppauge (N.Y.) Riverhead Building Supply. Hours and hours of work, but it’s all worth it because I get to come play on the weekends.

STS: I know Riverhead Building Supply is your family company, but what do you do within the company?

EG: I’m the manager of our roofing and siding store in Hauppauge, Long Island.

STS: And finally if you were to check your iPod, what’s the last song you listened to?

EG: Either Avicii or Kenney Chesney’s “Pirate Flag.”

STS: Those are two very different styles of music.

EG: Yeah, I’m into the dance music and country music. Those are probably my two favorite genres of music. I switch them up regularly.

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