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Matt Hirschman wins Riverhead Islip 300

One could say Matt Hirschman has been money since coming back from a broken forearm in September.

Big Money Matt followed up victories in the Fall Final at Stafford on October 28 and North South Shootout at Caraway on November 4 with a third win in a row on Saturday in the Islip 300 at Riverhead Raceway in New York.

He earned $7000 for his first win at the Long Island bullring.

“This thing was just fast out of the box today,” Hirschman said. “I always thought I didn’t like the track. I guess I just didn’t like the cars I was driving. This thing was good today. I could do what I wanted with it and I never had a car here that did that.”

It’s something he has always wanted to accomplish but hadn’t until Saturday.

“I think the Hirschmans have been coming here since I think 1989 and we’ve never here left with a trophy,” Hirschman added. “A lot of times we left here cursing that Indian out at the street. This is one that a lot of people thought I’d never check off the list. I’m really thankful for the opportunity.”

Local racer Mark Stewart finished second.

“We had a fantastic car,” Stewart said. “… This thing was a rocket tonight.”

Timmy Solomito completed the podium.

“We gave it all we had,” Solomito said. “I fought hard up front all night. Our balance was just a little off at the start.”

Islip 300
Riverhead Raceway
November 11 2023

  1. Matt Hirschman
  2. Mark Stewart
  3. Timmy Solomito
  4. Roger Turbush
  5. Kyle Ellwood
  6. Owen Grennan
  7. Paulie Hartwig
  8. Dylan Slepian
  9. Jack Handley Jr.
  10. Dave Sapienza
  11. Justin Brown
  12. Matt Brode
  13. JR Bertuccio
  14. Justin Bonsignore
  15. Craig Lutz
  16. Chris Young
  17. JB Fortin
  18. Chase Grennan
  19. John Beatty Jr.
  20. Lou Strohl
  21. Andy Jankowiak
  22. Allan Pedersen
  23. Walter Sutcliffe
  24. Tom Rogers Jr.

Matt Weaver is the owner and founder of Short Track Scene. Weaver grew up in the sport, having raced himself before becoming a reporter in college at the University of South Alabama. He also has extensive experience covering NASCAR, IndyCar and Dirt Sprint Cars.

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