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Virginia Triple Crown to be decided by Sellers, Pulliam and Peters

Peyton Sellers and Timothy Peters roll into Martinsville Speedway with a shot at winning the Virginia Triple Crown but that’s secondary to the primary goal of earning a grandfather clock.

The Virginia Triple Crown is a three-race mini series across the South Boston 200, Hampton Heat 200 and the Martinsville 300. Previously a $10,000 bonus was paid to the driver with the best average finish. That same sum will now be distributed $7000 to the winner, $2000 for second place and $1000 for third place.

Sellers currently leads the Triple Crown with an average finish of 2.5 after winning South Boston Speedway and finishing fourth at Langley Speedway in the Hampton Heat 200. Peters is third with an average finish of 7.5.

“Whoever beats who in this race will win the Triple Crown,” Sellers said. “We have to keep our nose clean. I know he is looking at the same thing. We want that clock more than we want that Triple Crown. If you get that clock, you are going to get that Triple Crown. At the end of the day, we are in a good position right now. The car is in good shape. We are going to have fun tomorrow.”

The mentality going into the race is all about winning for Sellers. After missing his shot numerous times, he believes that this week is going to be his week to finally win the prestigious late model.

“This is all business,” Sellers said. “It is time to go win this clock. We’ve had our shot at doing it multiple times. This week is going to be our week. We are going to put our ducks in a row and put ourselves in position to be there at the end.”

The biggest threat for Sellers chances at winning would be Pulliam; however, the veteran driver also sees Josh Berry, Dustin Rumley, Layne Riggs and Bobby McCarty as potential threats to spoil his chances.

Going into the weekend, Sellers and Pulliam have had their fair share of run-ins on the racetrack. At Langley Speedway, the veteran drivers collided in the closing stages of the Hampton Heat. For Sellers, he knows that Pulliam will be a tough competitor but hopes to be there at the end of the 200 lap feature.

“He is a tough competitor,” Sellers said about Pulliam. “He is going to be here. When that checkered flag drops, he is going to be in that mix. I have to make sure that I do the same thing. I think we will race clean for the first 150 laps, and in the last 50, the teeth and claws are going to come out and its time to go racing. Fans want to see a race, so that is what they are going to get here.”

By qualifying fourth Friday night, Sellers knows he is in a good spot.

Although on the opposite end of the spectrum of Sellers, Peters approach to the Martinsville 300 is no different than before. Although he qualified 15th, Peters finds relief in being locked in and a willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

“I approach this no different from I have before,” Peters said. “Notoriously, I haven’t qualified well here. Being locked in is definitely a plus. We always race well that is just my style. I’ve never been a strong qualifier but a strong racer. Anything can happen. It’s a long race. I know how this race will play out. Some of these guys, as long as they’ve been coming here, don’t have that sense, but in saying that, it is going to be tough. I am willing to put my cars in race trim against anybody tomorrow night.”

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