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Josh Berry Clean Sweeps Hickory Late Model Stock Twin 51s

Brian Murphy

Josh Berry and Hickory Motor Speedway remain synonymous with each other in modern terms.

The 29-year-old added another page to his storied resume at The Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars by winning both portions of a Twin 51-lap feature on Saturday night at Hickory in a race without fans and broadcast live on Pay-Per-View.

The JR Motorsports ace won the first half from the pole but needed to come back from 10th in the main event due to drawing an invert of 10 via a pill draw from victory lane.

The circumstances made little difference as he marched through the field and overtook both Ryan Millington and Corey Heim for the top spot on Lap 18. The two were side-by-side for the top spot, Berry waiting for Millington to slip before taking second and picking off Heim one lap later.

From there, Berry cruised and was unchallenged for the remaining 33 laps.

“It’s my guys,” Berry said in Victory Lane. “They do a great job. We’ve worked hard the last few days on some things that are out of our comfort zone, to try to get better, and obviously we had a great night and had a great car.

“Obviously, just tried to save my tires in that first race to have enough in the second race to make a run. Like I said, I’m excited and just want to thank my guys: Matt, Justin, Ernie and Mardy Lindley for coming tonight.

“I wanted to say hi to Dale (Earnhardt Jr.) and Kelley (Earnhardt-Miller) watching back home.”

Over half of Berry’s 56 Late Model Stock victories have come at Hickory — the site of his 2014 track championship.

Berry won the first race from the pole, leading all 51 laps without challenge.

The race presented some degree of complications, however, when Thomas Beane severed an oil line on Lap 5 of the race. It required a 30 minute clean-up, leaving the track a mess and Berry a little annoyed.

“It was a beach for sure,” Berry said. “I just can’t figure out why, when you blow up, that you drive around for three laps and wet down the whole track but some people don’t get it, I guess.”

Complete Race 2 Results

  1. Josh Berry
  2. Gage Painter
  3. Ryan Millington
  4. Matt Piercy
  5. Corey Heim
  6. Austin McDaniel
  7. Dexter Canipe
  8. Mason Ludwig
  9. Sam Butler
  10. Charlie Watson
  11. Jacob Heafner
  12. Nolan Pope
  13. Connor Mosack
  14. Vince Midas
  15. Grayson Cullather
  16. Logan Jones
  17. Braden Rogers
  18. Shane Lee
  19. Mitch Walker
  20. Thomas Beane
  21. Bob Saville
  22. Matt Leicht
  23. Connor Jones
  24. Jessica Cann
  25. Bill Petroff

Complete Race 1 Results

  1. Josh Berry
  2. Gage Painter
  3. Matt Piercy
  4. Austin McDaniel
  5. Corey Heim
  6. Matt Leicht
  7. Dexter Canipe Jr
  8. Ryan Millington
  9. Charlie Watson
  10. Mason Ludwig
  11. Grayson Cullather
  12. Jacob Heafner
  13. Connor Mosack
  14. Sam Butler
  15. Shane Lee
  16. Vince Midas
  17. Logan Jones
  18. Nolan Pope
  19. Chris Hudspeth
  20. Bob Saville
  21. Thomas Beane
  22. Mitch Walker
  23. Connor Jones
  24. Braden Rogers
  25. Jessie Cann
  26. Bill Petroff
  27. Bryson Dennis

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