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Cole Rouse embodied the spirit of team owner, Kyle Busch, using the bump and run to take the victory over Preston Peltier in the CARS Tour Super Late Model race on Saturday night at Concord Speedway in North Carolina.

Rouse and Peltier traded the lead back and forth throughout the race but the KBM No. 1 ultimately prevailed.

In a final 30-lap run, Peltier took the lead on the restart, and looked as if he would drive away. But over the next 25 laps, Rouse edged closer to the front. By 10 laps to go, he was on Peltier’s back bumper. It was with six laps remaining that Rouse nudged Peltier up the track and sailed away with the top spot.

Peltier struggled to keep his car straight and could never get back to the back bumper of the KBM back bumper.

His victory, combined with an eighth-place finish by points leader Brandon Setzer flipped the standings with just one race remaining on October 14 at South Boston Speedway. Rouse now leads Setzer by seven points — a five point swing.

All told, this wasn’t even a championship that Rouse planned to race for.

“You know, we never planned on running for the championship,” Rouse said. “We missed one race, ran for KBM, ran our own equipment. We’ll probably run South Boston, I don’t know if it will be my stuff or KBMs.”

The final restart was set up when Tyler Ankrum cut a tire on the backstretch dogleg. The right front tire sheared off and bounced down the backstretch as Ankrum’s car slid uncontrollably into the wall. While the tire bounced onto pit road, Ankrum climbed out of his burning car, unharmed.

That incident led to the final restart and a showdown between Peltier and Rouse.

“I knew once I got close enough I was going to have to do it at some point,” Rouse said of the contact with Peltier. “I knew I was faster than him. I kept on getting to his bumper. I could not turn down and get the drive off, so I had to move him. That’s what I had to do to win.”

The complete results can be found below.

  1. Cole Rouse
  2. Preston Peltier
  3. Christian Eckes
  4. Matt Wallace
  5. Matt Craig
  6. Nolan Pope
  7. Matt Thomas
  8. Brandon Setzer
  9. Jeff Batten
  10. Tyler Ankrum
  11. Cole Timm
  12. Dan Speeney
  13. Tyler Church

Seth Eggert contributed to this report

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