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Josh Brock crosses bucket list goal by holding off Donnie Wilson to win a Nashville guitar

This was a milestone moment for the CRA Super Series champion …

Jeff Ames

Josh Brock took the best shots Donnie Wilson had on Sunday at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville and emerged the winner of the North-South Super Late Model Challenge 100.

He did so by leading wire-to-wire ahead of some of the biggest names in the country as the event was a tri-sanctioned race co-promoted by the Southern Super Series, CARS Tour and CRA Super Series.

Wilson had several good runs at Brock in the closing laps, dive-bombing into the corner and into the back of Brock’s FURY Race Car but he never wavered. The reigning CRA Super Series champion simply adjusted his line, moved a few inches up the race track and continued driving off the corner better than the 2016 Southern Super Series champion.

There was a caution with eight laps to go but it ultimately didn’t matter as Wilson was forced to defend against Matthew Craig, allowing Brock to drive away unchallenged.

“When you come to a race like this with the three main series, you’ve got to come into this knowing you’re going against the best, and he is one of the best,” Brock told a pair of reporters after the race. “I hope it really opened up some eyes to people, to show how strong we really are.  There are some places we haven’t performed like we should, but this is one hell of a way to start out the season.”

The victory carried additional significance for Brock as it featured a battle between FURY and a pair of brand-new Rowdy Manufacturing entries driven by Wilson and Craig. The Kyle Busch owned chassis manufacturer founded from the assets of Hamke Race Cars have enjoyed a successful first couple of months in Super Late Model racing.

 That was a point of pride to the 26-year-old.

There’s always a social media war but at the end of the day, you see what’s in victory lane,” Brock said. “It’s a FURY Race Car. It’s a Wimmer Motorsports car and these things are fun to drive.”

The importance of winning at The Fairgrounds is also not lost on Brock. He’s finished top-five in every start at the world famous 0.596-mile short track but really wanted a guitar.

Mission accomplished.

“This is amazing,” Brock said. “I have finished second, third and fifth every time I’ve come here.  I’ve raced here for eight years. I can’t wait to get home and really soak this in … This is Nashville. The legends have raced here, the legends have walked across this stage. It’s absolutely awesome.”

Wilson cited unpredictable weather as a challenge to his performance, but also conceded that everyone had to deal with it. The sun came out for the first time all weekend near the midway point in the way and that made for a far slicker track that Wilson had anticipated.

“We all had to deal with it,” Wilson said. “Ultimately, we were pretty even and I just couldn’t get there. I was going to try but I wasn’t going to wreck him. Everyone knows me enough to know that’s true. He was better on restarts than I was and I was better in traffic. I just needed to be a little tigher at the end to get off the corner better.”

This was Wilson’s first race of the season since waiting during the spring for his Rowdy car.

“We didn’t get enough practice with it,” he said. “But these cars are good. We had to work through some new car bugs. But we’ll have a notebook on it soon. It was a good weekend. We’ll take it.”

The complete results can be found below.

  1. Josh Brock
  2. Donnie Wilson
  3. Matt Craig
  4. Johnny VanDoorn
  5. Jared Fryar
  6. Anthony Sergi
  7. Jack Dossey III
  8. Giovanni Bromante
  9. Jeremy Pate
  10. Austin Kunert
  11. Casey Roderick
  12. Stephen Nasse
  13. Molly Helmuth
  14. Cole Williams
  15. Nolan Pope
  16. Scotty Tomasik
  17. Jett Noland
  18. Hunter Jack
  19. Justin Crider
  20. Logan Runyon
  21. Tim Hollis
  22. Chris Davidson
  23. Connor Okrzesik
  24. Kyle Bryant
  25. Trey Bayne
  26. Lee Tissot
  27. Wayne Grubb
  28. Michael House
  29. Christian Rose
  30. Greg Van Alst
  31. Spencer Wauters
  32. Johnny Brazier
  33. Colten Nelson

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