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From snakes to snowmen, Giovanni Bromanti crowned Blizzard Series Champ

Giovanni Bromante is just 16, and is the 2019 Blizzard Series Champion.

Giovanni Bromante is the 2019 Blizzard Series Champion.

Giovanni Bromante’s biggest racing career moment was a 10-foot rattlesnake wrapped around his neck in March at Kinston, Alabama after winning the Rattler 250 and taking home a $10,000 check.

Now, his biggest milestone is standing next to an eight-foot tall snowman while being handed a Blizzard Series championship trophy in Pensacola, Florida.

It’s been quite the year for the 16-year-old New York native who has made a name for himself down south and recently announced he will transition to the next level of his career — the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East with Visconti Motorsports.

For now, he’s focused on finishing out his tenure with Anthony Campi racing, specifically in December in Pensacola, because he is now guaranteed a spot in the prestigious Snowball Derby.

“I am very happy I don’t have to be in the LCQ, it gets pretty nasty pretty quick,” said Bromante. “To know that I will be starting the Snowball Derby, just even starting… it’s pretty crazy.”

He started in 13th place at the Deep South Cranes 150, just two points behind Lucas Jones in the championship race.

“Dutilly saved a lot in the beginning and it really paid off for him,” he said of the race winner. Bromante finished in second place after losing a two second lead to Dutilly with eight laps to go. “We worked our way up. You can’t do anything about it, God is good,” the teenager said. “The car is one piece, that’s all you can ask for.”

The second place finish was good enough to win the Blizzard Series Championship, something he called an “honor” and credited Anthony Campi for.

Over the past two years, Bromante and Campi formed close ties, the teen calling Anthony his best friend.

“I feel really good for him and we’ve created a really good bond over the last two years,” Campi said. Campi said he and Bromante’s strength is in communication, leading to a successful season. But, it’s their time together is coming to a close as Bromante looks ahead to K&N.

“Our time with him is coming to an end as he’s moving up through the ranks and I am glad we are ending on a high note,” said Campi.

He agrees with his driver that the importance of a guaranteed spot in the Snowball Derby can’t be understated.

“That’s just such a great comfort zone to be in,” said Campi, noting that last year the qualifying results didn’t match up with what the race car showed during the race.

Bromante says he is grateful to Campi for his friendship and mentorship, forming a foundation as he climbs the ladder toward his ultimate goal.

“I am excited to learn a new car, move up, closer to the Cup Series, but I want to do it right.”

He’ll take that next step under another successful late model driver, Josh Berry, who will mentor the teen at Visconti Motorsports next season.

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