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Fetcho claims third pro late model championship at Nashville

Jeff Ames

Despite coming into the week behind points leader Jackson Boone, Dylan Fetcho knew that he needed to reach victory lane to claim yet another track championship at the historic Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.

The pro late model portion of the All-American 400 this year saw an extremely tight points battle get even tighter, with Dylan Fetcho narrowly beating Jackson Boone by the thinnest of margins, just a single point.

Fetcho made the move of the race by passing Boone on lap 73, making contact while doing so. The contact sent Boone up the track in the exit of turn two, but both drivers kept going.

Fetcho eventually passed Dawson Sutton for the race lead, and this all but secured the victory. Despite a couple of late-race cautions, Jackson Boone could only rally to a second place result.

The win gave Dylan Fetcho his third career pro late model track championship at Nashville, tying Sterling Marlin and Andy Kirby Jr.

“The leaders started dicing it up, and I made it to second,” said Fetcho. “Had a late race restart and got around Dawson [Sutton] on the outside. The car was really good and just took off.”

“[Boone] and [Chase Burda] finally got to racing and I was able to catch them,” said Fetcho in regards to the contact in turn 2. “So when they were side by side, I kinda got my nose under Jackson. It was a little tough. I didn’t mean to go it that rough, but that was what I needed to do to get around him. I really needed to win the race to win the championship.”

Despite falling short, Jackson Boone was still jovial, even congratulating Fetcho in victory lane.

“Man, what a kick in the gut,” laughed Boone. “That’s quite the heartbreaker. I feel like we’ve been the class of the field all year. This car has been so nasty all year, it’s been good at every track we’ve taken it to.”

When asked about his feelings toward the contact, Boone told us, “I mean, he got into me. I can sit here and be mad about it, but he’s racing for the win and the championship. I can’t say that if my nose was there, that I’d have lifted either. This is short track racing, and contact will be made.”

Augie Grill rounded out the podium in third position, rallying from a tenth place starting position.

“Car was pretty good, just needed a little bit. I don’t race up here enough. It’s our first race in this car in three years. I think if we come back, we’ll be better. Don’t know when that will be, but I feel pretty good about a third place finish. There’s a lot of good cars in this race.”

There were no issues in post-race technical inspection for the podium finishers. However, fourth place finisher Chase Burda was disqualified for excessive left side weight.

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway
All-American 100
November 4, 2023

  1. Dylan Fetcho
  2. Jackson Boone
  3. Augie Grill
  4. Kyle Steckly
  5. Michael Hinde
  6. Hunter Wright
  7. Cole Williams
  8. Bryson Shaffer
  9. Corey Deuser
  10. Jim Wall
  11. Daniel Bolden
  12. Chase Johnson
  13. Dawson Sutton
  14. Kasey Kleyn
  15. Evan Shotko
  16. Isabella Robusto
  17. Michael Bolden
  18. Gavan Boschele
  19. Dylan Bates
  20. Stacey Crain
  21. Trey Craig -1 lap
  22. Robby Taylor -5 laps
  23. L.B. Skaggs -20 laps
  24. Andrew Schied -20 laps
  25. Boston Oliver -36 laps
  26. Davey Coble -52 laps
  27. Nick Egan -67 laps
  28. Cody Bentley -82 laps
  29. Mike Mazzagatti -85 laps
  30. Chase Burda – DNF

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