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Bump and Run decides Snowball Derby LCQ

Matt Weaver | STS

In true Last Chance Race fashion, the final Snowball Derby transfer position came down to a bump-and-run.

Derek Krause won the LCQ and will advance into the Super Bowl of Short Track Racing alongside Tyler Dippel, David Rogers and Jerry Artuso. But it was contact between Joe Aramendia and Tate Fogleman that left tempers flaring.

Fogleman occupied the fourth and final transfer position up until five laps to go when Aramendia sailed into Turns 3 and 4 and shoved the No. 8 up track. The contact allowed Artuso to slip under both drivers and cruise into the Snowball Derby.

Artuso actually had to battle back from a lap 26 spin due to contact with Dustin Smith. However, without damage, he methodically worked his way back into a transfer spot when the opportunity presented itself.

“Our car felt pretty good, even after (Smith) dumped me,” Artuso said. “We had a flat tire. I thought our day was done. We didn’t bend a spindle. Put a new tire on it. I thought we were good enough to make the show on time.

“I hate it for (Fogleman) but I’m just happy to be in there.”

Fogleman was upset exiting his car and claimed that Aramendia had no place on the track.

“We were hanging on in fourth, and the top-4 were pulling away,” Fogleman said. “It was the last restart and I knew things were about to get rough. I just got taken out. If someone has to race like that, he doesn’t deserve to be in the Snowball Derby.”

For his part, Aramendia says he had Jeremy Pate directly behind him and couldn’t lift.

“We were racing for the position,” Aramendia said. “It’s do or die. We had a loose car and we had someone right on our tail. We were all going for those four spots.

“I know how he feels, I’m not in the Derby either. I’m disappointed too.”

Meanwhile, Kraus won the race and is now tasked with preparing for 300 laps around Five Flags Speedway on Sunday afternoon.

“That’s not the way we wanted to get in obviously,” he said. “We wanted to qualify in, but we’re glad to be in. The car was actually pretty good. We got to ride around a lot and get a feel for our car. I think we can still be pretty good. We’ve got to work on it a little bit.”

The complete results of the Snowball Derby Last Chance Race can be viewed below. The top four advanced.

  1. Derek Kraus
  2. Tyler Dippel
  3. David Rogers
  4. Jerry Artuso
  5. John DeAngelis Jr
  6. Rich Bickle
  7. Jeremy Pate
  8. Joe Aramendia
  9. Tate Fogleman
  10. Dennis Schoenfield
  11. Kyle Bryant
  12. Dustin Smith
  13. John Coffman
  14. Jeff Firestine
  15. Brandon Oakley
  16. Garrett Evans
  17. Stuart Dutton
  18. Ben Rowe

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