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Matt McCall hopes to make a Snowball Derby start someday

Matt Weaver | STS

Despite his current role as a full-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series crew chief, Matt McCall still has the heart of a racer.

And like most racers, McCall wants to win the big races.

So it comes to no surprise that even after winning the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park on Sunday that the 36-year-old still has ambitions on driving to Victory Lane in some of the biggest short track events of the season.

His full-time job precludes many of those events, but not the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway the first weekend of each December. When asked about any potential desire to compete in the most prestigious Super Late Model race of the season, McCall said it’s a topic that has frequently come up the past few years.

“I would love to run the Snowball Derby,” McCall told Short Track Scene. “Our fab guy used to build Super Late Models. So it’s something that is definitely on our radar and we’ve talked about off and on.

McCall traces his origins to Late Model Stock racing and he admits it would take additional time to do a Super Late race like the Derby the way he is accustomed to for races like the Thanksgiving Classic.

“If we ever get the chance to do a race like the Snowball Derby, we’d want to do it right,” McCall said. “With the Thanksgiving Classic, we’ve had this car for a while and we’ve got a notebook.

“If you’re going to go down to Pensacola, you’ve got to be able to get that notebook. So if the opportunity to do it in a car that had that kind of notebook came along, that’s something I’d definitely like to do.”

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